Lime Mint

Soul Maté® refreshes you with its dancing bubbles and reveals you its pure heart of an ancient plant. Its emerald leaves are believed to give energy and power to those who enjoy them in a drink called maté. A moment together with your Soul Maté® will make you feel energized and refreshed. Between soul mates life becomes a dance.

Passion Guava

Dazzling with pure passion the nectar flows ever so exquisitely. Crushed ice blends with luscious juice of guava as the excitement climaxes. The deep of the oasis is alluring. As refreshing to the senses as reinvigorating to the soul was our vision for Soul Maté® Passion Guava. The heart is singing with delight when one follows the calling.

Ginger Lemon

Inner gold is what we can find in our soul. When we share it with others, this kind of gold does not diminish but will be miraculously multiplied. Now we do not know if you will share Soul Maté® with your friends – you may or you may not. But either way is great because just as you can enjoy it in company, you can enjoy it yourself.

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